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Better education, more taxes, more public spending addresses economic inequality in Canada: SFU professor

With the rate of job inequality growing in Canada, one Simon Fraser University economics professor says improving education, changing labour laws and increase public spending will minimize the inequality gap.

Krishna Pendakur gave a public lecture to a packed room in Burnaby this week. The lecture was called “What does inequality really mean in Canada? Ninety-nine per cent of us want to know.”

Other suggestions in the lecture include strengthening unionization and raising the minimum wage.

After talking about the distribution of wealth in Canada and how the nation compares to the rest of the world, historically to present day, Pendakur addressed what the Canadian systems and its citizens can do to reduce inequality.

One suggestion is taxation.

“Tax rates have been declining in Canada since the late 1990s.”

Taxation supports public spending, he said, and public spending goes to citizens in need of resources and social services.

“The federal government writes a lot of cheques,” he said.

Public spending is a move towards reducing inequality.

Pendakur said, “When you reduce taxing, you reduce public spending.”

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I won the BCYCNA Community Scholarship award


I am a proud and happy writer.

Journalism department head of Langara College Frances Bula announced last week, the British Columbia and Yukon Community Newspaper Association Scholarship recipients from our program. I am one of four to receive the award.

Although I was a bit under the weather at the time it was announced, I was very happy I made the effort to apply.

When I received an email informing me I won the scholarship, it requested a headshot and a short bio. I grabbed my classmate Kayla and she snapped one for me. (Thank you, darling.)

For my future, there isn’t any specific goal. All I know is my drive to write and that is what I am listening to.

The other three recipients are Sacha Porteous, Jules Knox, and Katja De Bock. Knowing how hard-working and smart these people are, with more life experience than me, I am humbled to be listed beside them.