September 2012

September 2012

A journalist’s job is to explain the world’s many shades of grey because the public tends to only digest the black and white, the pieces that are easier to understand. The grey areas are thrown into the shadows, ignored and kicked down. Journalists try to shine a light in those shadows.

It’s not easy.

Still, many journalists try.

They try and try and try. The respectable ones push for best practices, as lined out in The Canadian Association of Journalists’ Code of Conduct, in a finite amount of words, minutes and caffeine shots.

Deanna Cheng aims to be one of them.

Journalism empowers individuals by providing facts and ideas to foster healthy constructive discussions. These talks don’t always happen but it doesn’t mean participants should stop.

Cheng graduated from Langara College’s journalism program in June 2015 and currently accumulates as many bits of knowledge she can and crams them through the poor synapses of her brain.

When this journalist isn’t pounding the keyboard (or knocking her head against it), she stretches out her stiff muscles in a swimming pool, writes letters by hand or laugh out loud at tea parties.

Her face is also usually glued to a book and she is hunting down the Lemony Snicket series at the moment.

All of this happens in Vancouver, BC, one of the major cities in Canada.

This is her journalism blog with a section that covers New Westminster, BC.

She is currently a freelance reporter. To take a gander at what she’s done, clips are posted on LinkedIn.

On the side, Deanna is a freelance researcher for AskWonder.

If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to leave a comment below or email her. Cheerios!


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