Vancouver actress challenges preconceived ideas at New West Doc Fest


Jazmine Campanale is one of six members of the NOW! Theatre company.


At the New West Doc Fest tonight, actress Jazmine Campanale will present a performance piece that is “an evolutionary exploration of our society and what we’re doing to help the environment.” It challenges whether advocacy helps or harms.

The performance consists of three characters: the consumer, the activist and the homeless man. The consumer represents sloth. All this person does is consume and contributes nothing but single-use trash.

“The Greenpeace activist is someone who thinks she’s helping by aggressively spewing facts,” Campanale said. “The homeless man is the guy who collects cans for change. He represents the little things people do to make the world better.

“I want to examine whether it’s helping or not, even if the intentions are good.”

She wants a discussion. She’s bringing up the question with the audience. “People are talking but what are they doing?”

Campanale is one of the few performances NOW! Theatre pulled together for the film festival.

Letting people’s eyes take a break between screen time

NOW! Theatre artistic director Alyssa Kostello said it is organized to have live entertainment between screenings. The deciding factor on entertainment was space.

Last year, there was a theatre with a stage, lights and sound,” she said. “This year, it in a movie theatre. There’s no lighting, some sound and no stage. We’ve had to adjust a little.”

There will be a stand-up comedian and two musicians.

“[Musicians] Paolo Brian and Glenn Chatten will be playing in the lobby before the screenings,” Kostello said. “We wanted something simple because it’s a simple limited space for live entertainment.”

The theatre company’s focus is on sustainability with their pillars being “environment, community and art.” This is the second time they’ve worked with New West Doc Fest and finds their “passions fall in line perfectly.”

Campanale welcomes feedback on her performance.

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