Upcoming: Monthly letter-writing event at Regional Assembly of Text


For the first-time user, the clunky typewriters may take some getting use to, especially with the two-finger typing.

Clickety clack. Clickety clack.

The tempo of keys slamming into fresh ink ribbons rarely falters in this little stationery store as The Regional Assembly of Text hosts its  monthly letter-writing event.

Since 2005, the owners, Brandy Fedoruk and Rebecca Ann Dolen, have been running this event on the first Thursday of every month.

A line of typewriters greets people as they enter the store. Each machine inspires a deluge of words and pulls out the inner genius writer. Some people write letters to oversea penpals or create zines with silly poetry.

Reviews by Yelp members said this place encourages them to write a letter.


Letter-writing can be a social activity with a lot of shining smiles and light conversation.

Event details

Where: The Regional Assembly of Text, 3934 Main Street (near King Edward and Main Street)

When: Thursday, March 7, 2013 (or the first Thursday of every month)

Cost: free (materials provided)

Regional Assembly of Text opened a second location in Victoria, B.C. this month. There is no indication on their website whether the new location will host a monthly letter-writing event.

If you can’t make it to this event at the Vancouver location this month, you can come by next month. Or if you’re simply craving the sound of a typewriter going, you can bring it home to you with the Noisy Typer.


One comment

  1. Katja

    Hello Deanna,

    I remember taking a typing course in high school. Must have been 1986 or so. I was one of few girls in my boarding school taking the course, but I benefitted greatly from it. I learned how to type with 10 fingers without looking at the keyboard. We also had to be fast.

    It was difficult, because the traditional typewriter keys were harder to push than modern keywords.

    The sentence we had to practice with (in Belgium) was in English:

    The quick brown fox jumps easily over the fat and lazy dog.

    This sentence contains all the letters in the alphabet and thus we had to practice it thousands of times.

    Good luck with the event, if you are still attending it in the future!