The first step: an introduction


This was me before I sunk heavily into this journalism program. I absolutely love the program but it is not without a price. Honestly, I look crazier than this now & somehow people still accept me.

Hi. My name is Deanna and I’m currently a journalism student at Langara College. For the next month or so, I will be writing about letter-writing, snail mail and everything postal-related. I haven’t decided what will happen afterward but I plan to keep this space.

In the fall, I will be assigned a municipal beat and will be blogging exclusively about that. This is all I know right now.

I wanted to start a professional blog but I wasn’t sure which topics to write about. Some subjects such as karate were closer to my heart than others; I didn’t want to write about topics I had no passion for.

Now, with this journalism program, I’m developing a better understanding that it isn’t about the subject matter itself but the method I choose to write with.

In the last nine years, I kept a personal blog. Whenever I sift through old posts, I relive fragments of my life. Often, I surprise myself. It’s amazing to see how much I’ve grown as a person and as a writer. It’s also lets me see the core of my self with some distance yet familiarity. That still water within my soul’s well. It’s a reflection I occasionally struggle to face.

With this platform, I hope to develop and hone my skills as a writer and a journalist. In oh-so-many years, I want to look back and see what has changed. And, maybe, what hasn’t changed. This is my first step.

Thank you for remaining patient with me.

Welcome to my journalism blog.


Deanna Cheng



  1. Viola

    Nice introduction…I like your writing. Interesting focus for the next month or so; very unique.

    • Deanna Cheng

      Thank you, Viola. Every time I change the theme or the focus, I will warn my followers with an entry similar to this one.
      Life happens and plans change. I don’t want to spring a surprise on the audience without explaining what is going on. All the little details will add up and eventually, in all these entries about everything else, I hope people can see the real me hidden amongst it all.

      Good luck with your writing and keep your chin up. You can win your battle.

  2. McGirl

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a nice space here and I wish you success in your journalism program!